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Where do I go to see how much each class costs?

Answered: 512 days ago
Posted: 516 days ago
Categories: Financial Aid, Registration Office

I am trying to figure out how much my classes cost, but I can not find it online. Please help.


Kristine  Burch

Posted: 516 days ago

Hi Ashley,
Thank you for contacting us.  You will be able to view your Fall 2014 Registration Statement in July, which is found within your MyDelta account under the Registration Section.  You also will have the option to view your One-Stop-Student-Finance statement, which is found within your MyDelta account.  This account will also help to show the break down of your charges. 
Unfortunately students are not able to view these statements for Fall 2014 semester yet, but they will be available in July. 
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Kristine Burch
Delta College
Financial Aid Office

Angela  Sinclair

Posted: 512 days ago

Hi Kelsey, my name is Angela.  Log into your MyDelta and under Registration find registration statement.
Thankl you 

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