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hello I would like to know how long is the dual dms and general management program

Answered: 444 days ago
Posted: 445 days ago
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Andy  Sovis

Posted: 444 days ago

 Hello Simeka, 


Thank you for requesting information about our programs at Delta College. Typically a student will take the required courses to "validate" which can be taken in one semester; and if you have all the prerequisites met. Then once validated students will work toward the remaining 'general education" requirements. Currently the "wait list" for the clinical portion of the DMS degree is two years. Please be aware of the financial aid guidelines if you are using aid to help pay for your education. The amount of time it takes to complete a degree depends on the number of credits you take each semester. The total number of credits required to complete the DMS and Dual degree are 112-114 credits.


Best wishes,


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