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what is considered part time credit

Answered: 499 days ago
Posted: 501 days ago
Categories: Enrollment, Unassigned

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Valerie  Bledsoe

Posted: 499 days ago

Hello. Generally any student taking 11 credits or less is considered part-time and 12 or more is full-time. If you are asking for financial aid purposes, I would want you to speak with our Financial Aid Office because during the spring/summer semester it can get a little tricky because a many classes run the 7 week time period and number of classes start late June and also run 7 weeks. How aid is distributed for that is something I would want you to confirm with the Financial Aid Office.
Does this help at all?
Valerie Bledsoe
Student Services 

Angela  Sinclair

Posted: 499 days ago

Aimee, 6-11 credits is considered part time.

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